Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Christmas decoration?

We have this adorable little trunk and I had the brilliant decorating idea to lay the burgundy fleece over it, and set the laughing snowman inside. Just for looks you know. But Molly has a different idea. . . since it has a fleece in it, and all fleece is hers - obviously the trunk is her new bed. So, she shoves the snowman over (like who is he anyway?) and moves in. Comfy huh?!

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Merry Christmas!

You know how the day after Christmas all you see are cars obscured by trees that are tied on the top? Well, not to be outdone by the world around him, Ron made the long trip to the storage unit to pick up our tree, tied it on the top, and brought'er home!

Yes, this means my Christmas tree is up and decorated! It appears that we will have a lighting war with the neighbors. Everyday, Ron and Joe are out adding to the externation lighting. May the richest man win!