Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Yard Sale

I want to have a yard sale. I put it off because I needed Ron's help going through all 15 boxes in storage. He helped and I now have three boxes of stuff to sell, a ton of questionable stuff, and 12 boxes left. . . not acceptable, I need to do it all over AGAIN and sort one more time. Saving 12 boxes of junk is NOT on my agenda.

As I planned this yard sale, I thought about having it here in the pasture and putting up signs and doing it on Labor Day weekend. Oops, I realized last night this is Labor Day weekend, I have no signs, no tables, and it's going to rain.

So I will sort through the 12 boxes again, make signs, and have the sale next weekend. Maybe.

I know it doesn't sound like I'm looking forward to this sale -but I am. I LOVE selling junk. Life is so good when I can get rid of stuff and have money to get more stuff. Only this time I don't think I'll get more stuff because its my main problem. If I make enough money, I will join a gym for the year (hahaha) or maybe get a cat.

I'm so looking forward to this sale that I'm even selling junk for everyone else! Maybe I'll charge a commission for my services!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mt Rainier

So, Ron and I went on a hike two weeks ago. It was a 2500 foot elevation gain in 3 miles. . . and we only went 1.5 miles before my wimpy legs said they might not even make it back much less forward. So we went for a drive looking for beautiful views of the mountains instead. Wild flowers and peaks.
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Inside the adorable house

Okay, we aren't done with Missions - I did go to Guatemala this summer, but we are done with living full time in a non-English speaking foreign country for the time being. Since we are here, why not live where we want, on the back of our property where the deer, hawks and rabbits roam - and eat my vegetables. So we do. We love this house and it's location is great!
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Our House on the Edge of the Woods

Welcome to our new home. 400 sq. feet and we are very happy with it! Come on out for a visit! However if you are coming from a long way away, please bring your tent.
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Our time here in the states has been one of continuous adjustment and seeing what God has planned for our lives. For sure God has encouraged us to settle down and wait through the next few years and see what He wants. And so, Ron has a good job with the Fife School District and I just began working with Media Logic. One thing we have done is hike, enjoy where we live, and we bought a new house. We live on the back of our property and are enjoying the peace and solitude. Not the deer (she is eating our garden) or the hawks (they may be the reason Buddy left) but the openness of the area. I'll post some pictures of the new place.
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