Friday, February 23, 2007

As we prepare to leave Moldova, we are seeing the sun set on a 12 month period where we moved to a new country, learned (sort of) a new language, began to understand a new culture and we find ourselves leaving all that WAS new and is now familiar and going to what is new! We are going to Cernauti, Ukraine for three months to minister with the churches there. We don't know exactly what we will do, but God does and that is good enough for us! Here is a couple of websites that give information about Cernauti if you want to see where we are going. The website will actually use the city's Ukrainian name. Enjoy and we hope to be back soon! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Geese and girls

I (Ron) was coming back from the city on the maxi-taxi (or Ruteira) and there was of all things, a goose in a bag on the floor. Yes, there was a goose, and it was in a bag, and it was alive. It was real. And I did not stand near it, but since there were no seats I just stood near the back and watched this goose. I have a healthy respect for this bird, geese can be mean. A few minutes later a lady got on the ruteira, and apparently didn’t notice the goose, so when she paid, she stood near it. Yeah, it bit her! Then the owner reached over and clubbed the goose on the head! So now there was a three way yelling match between the goose owner, the lady, and the ruteira driver! And all the while the goose was just laying there unconscious or dead. The man pays the lady some money (for the ripped panty hose maybe) and it quiets down. And so quiet that, I think the goose might have been dead!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Signs and Games

We enjoyed this sign in Sweden. Can you guess what it means? Only if you know German or Swedish! It means. . . this is so good! EXIT

So I have to confess - Ron and I have become fond of playing a dice game called Farkle, and what I enjoy the most is that I win more often than Ron; but last night was the best. Each player can only begin to build points when they can start with 500 points, and you need 10000 to win, well I won with 10600 when he still didn't have 500! That was a wonderful experience for me!