Monday, September 29, 2008


We thought living in this peaceful paradise would have no problems; but the deer, hawks, rabbits, and racoons have shown us that it would be otherwise. Let's see, we have virtually NO garden - and flowers? Very few! The deer even stand over the deck to eat a few geraniums. And can I find someone who is willing to sit around outside here to wait for them to show up so they can be removed? I fear that removing these few will not fix our problem but I have to have some general hope.

The hawks are incredible to watch. There are four of them and they seem young; but I don't know enough about them to be sure but they are cool. The call each other in the trees behind the house. There is about three feet behind the house to the tree and brush line. They fly through that and up into the tallest trees. Whew! I worry about my Molly's future.

So even though the critters have eaten all I have, I love it here and find each day to be a joy to see what or who moves in to share our space.
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Our Hike

Ron and I went hiking yesterday. It was a wonderful glorious day! We did a five mile hike at Sunrise on Mt. Rainier to Fremont Outlook. It was an old fire watch in the past, but it isn't used now. It's just a great destination.

There were cool outcroppings of Rocks. I was impressed by this typical pile. It looks like a castle or a bit of rocks from "The Lord of the Rings.

I love the look!

Mount Rainier in all of it's glory!
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Our Yard Sale

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New Arrival

So. . . not so long ago I blogged about our cat, Buddy, who was missing in action. Well, we have a new kitty, Buddy's half sister - Molly. To be exact - Miss Molly Malone. She is adorable, but hard to control. So here are her new pics - and more to come!
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