Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There it is!

Buddy says, "Good job guys! but wait! What are you doing? You can't leave it in THAT position! I can't lay on it and sleep in the sun!!!!!" "STOP!" And yet you left it like that, not fair.

Doing Buddy's bidding

Good job, you are all working in the bushes together. . . but what is this? Joe! does every job always have to involve your 4 wheel drive truck????

Video of the rock job

This is a carefully watched video - the first time I ever had to figure out how to load a video, this ne is fairly simple and you don't have to watch it but it works, I did it and so here it is. I did check to verify that it had no obscene material on it, you know. . . like the result of drooping pants. . . . buddy does not run a tight ship so the pants are rather loose. But it is safe.

Buddy says. . .

Why are you watching Ron do all the work? Get to it y'all!

and thanks Ron for getting those stickery things out o the way.

who is in charge?

As I told you earlier, yes there is a rock in here and yes you need to move more of these nasty green things and ah hem. . . I am in charge!


Is there really a rock in there? What do you think we should do? Should we move some of the brush? Who should do the hard work? What do you think?

The Kids - not really kids

Aren't they cute? Matt and Leslie on the right and Joe and Johanna on the left.
We did have a great time

Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2008

The younger ones came over and we had a picnic - brats, maceroni salad and. . . no rain. It wasn't warm when we got together, but it is only May. We had a camp fire and then Ron and the boys pulled a large rock out of the bushes. Maybe we will use it for landscaping. . . .

Ron's New Job

Ron is now an employee of the Fife School District. This means he is union, he has benefits, and he has full time work with regular hours.

When asked how he liked he new job, Ron replied, "I have new toys!" and when asked what he does, he replied, "So many lawns to mow and so little time to do them." I think he is happy.


Okay - remember my last post? About the joys of working at Target? Well,

There is nothing "official" about anything I said. I am not remarking about an "official" anything regarding Target Corporation. I don't even want to!

So, we have been instructed not to post any video taken while we are at work and not to make reference to any private information on youtube.