Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hiking Mt. Rainier . . . AGAIN!

Map reading

Okay, this is a picture for anyone who traveled with Ron in Europe! He once again has a map and is directing us on our hike. I don't ever worry about where we are because he always knows!

In case you don't know, Ron has an uncanny way of knowing where he always is, where he is going, and how to get back. He also can read and follow any map in any language. I don't get it, he spends a lot of time trying to get me to figure out which way is north, south, east and west. North is up, right?!

Friday, September 04, 2009


I think that having ideas could be detrimental to my sanity. I always have a GREAT idea and then pursue it with single minded determination until I get the next great idea. Sounds kinda sad doesn't it?!

I had an idea about an online bible study, it could be fairly interactive without using any gasoline or finding a babysitter for the kiddies - but in translation I don't know if it's feasible. I know that building relationships requires interaction - face to face. I can't always see other people's faces on the computer (as of yet, I can't see through the wires - but I'm working on it). But with our busy lifestyles we need to have some form of connection that works with our own schedule, so it might not be too bad. . . hmmm. Maybe better than nothing.