Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Life as a "Target Chic"

Hey, I thought I would tell you a bit about my life as an employee of the corporation, Target. I love the corporation, I love the opportunity to be with people and just have a good time, but, I have to admit, the hours are hard. So, each day I am just a cashier, at least that's what they pay me for, but often I find I'm a confidant, a counselor, and an ear for others.

I met a beautiful, tiny little old lady, who apologized for the hair on the hat she was purchasing, but she had just begun chemo and her hair was falling out. I had no option but to hug her as she was leaving. She was just a doll! And the mother whose daughter was one phone call away from going to jail; I had no words to say other than, "I'm sorry for you." I hear about marriage problems, children problems, the coming excitement of new babies and the everyday miracles that people face. Oh what a fun place to be. So, while the hours are hard, there is a reward to this crazy job!

Oh, and I have to wear my favorite color everyday to work - RED!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dungeness Spit

What a beautiful day. I figured something out, my favorite places in the world include water. . . especially the Puget Sound or it's beginning. . . the Strait of Juan de Fuca and maybe that's because my favorite childhood memories are from our times at Whidby Island at the Granparent's cabin.
So. . . boating on the beach is my fav! yet I STILL got motion sickness!

Dungeness Spit in Squim Washington

This was a great day, we were tired of winter so we went to Squim, it hardly ever rains there and we assumed that meant that it wouldn't snow there also.

This is Johnathan Livingston Seagul, he posed for this picture. What a goof!

The view is over the wildlife refuge! This place is amazing!

Hi, me again

Hi! Okay my official name is Buddy, and I am still a baby. But I'm told I am a rather large
baby. I am seven months old and still need all the attention that a baby needs. Yesterday
We had a thunder storm and I was in the barn looking for a dietary supplement when we had a noise so loud that I had to find Ron -NOW! He was rather surprised to find me in his arms! I guess I got scared, I have no idea how I got in his arms!

So I will do anything for Ron, I ride on his lawn tractor, I sit in his boots (they kinda smell) and I follow him everywhere he goes.

Life is good here, I like it! I just wish there was more food. . .
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