Wednesday, July 23, 2008


No Tocar means Don't Touch and would it
suprise you to know that her dad put that
sign from a skit on her back! Becca is a blond beauty who drew attention!
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Our Team

We did street ministry and drew a huge crowd! What a great opportunity, there were many people of different nationalities. This was a fun time!
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Land marks

These are various scenes in Guatemala - such a beautiful country! The old ruins are a Mayan sacrificial site. Under the large tree is a school! And this entire country is build on mountains! Every road is twisted and takes forever to go anywhere, but even the hillsides are productive.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Team Guatemala

Here a few pictures of our team before leaving for Guatemala. We wore our orange team shirts so that we could find each other in the airport. . . what do you think? Obvious?! Thanks that was the plan! I'll blog a bit on this experience with more pictures in the next few days, but what a fantastic time. God was with us, and we had a great time.
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