Thursday, May 21, 2015

Is this live

Sometimes I wonder if something really works - that wouldn't be me.  Working is not in my best interest but there are those times when I have to do it. Do something. Respond in some way.  So 1 John 3:1-18 calls me to love.  If I am 'in Christ' I will love my brothers and sisters.  I would like it to say 'my brothers and sisters in Christ' but I don't see that definition. 

I do know that if I don't love others I am not a true follower of Christ.  Wait a minute, I know what you are thinking: I am saved!  Well, yes - but a true follower of Christ recognizes that there is always room to grow.  I have people I just don't like much less love but Christ calls me out.  He calls me to a higher standard.  What choices do I have? 
  • I need to pray for those I don't like (blessings not curses),
  • I need to have an attitude with them of grace (not mine! but God's)
  • What can I do that will make your day better?
By following that view - I think that I will be a better follower of Christ.  What about you?